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ISMOS by Lighting offers a wide range of products for Residential and Urban Design

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Urban Furniture - Elio Range

For External - Design Classic - Model XME 35
starting from € 34 430,00 €
Request a quote, availability and delivery times

Cast in aluminium primary alloy and small parts in stailess steel.


The surface is treated by nanoceramic process and oven painted with polymerised polyester powder, to achieve the best result against weathering corrosion and guarantee a long life of the products.


Fittings with ceramic lamp-holder are wired for light bulbs E27. incandescent lamps. Protection IP23.




XME 3P01 3540 TX (main photo)

Heigth 2700  mm

Deep 655 mm

€ 313,00

XME 3P02  3540 TX 

Heigth 2700 mm

Deep 1110 mm

€ 451,00


Light bulbs compatible 


IAA 150W E27


Colour of the structure 

Granito T (Ismos metalizzed )

Also available 

0 Neve ( Ismos white )

E Grey Silver

G Grey

On request it may be possible get different colours

R Antique Green

9 Bronze

Contact us by filling the Email box below, about avaibility, dispatch time and cost, and any adding cost of colours request. Our advice will answer to all your enquiries as soon as possible.


From € 313,00 euro ( Vat, light bulbs and delivery cost are not included)

Ismos By Lighting

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